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2018/19 Go for 2 & 5 Track & Field Season FAQ's

The 2018-19 Season Calendar incorporates some new initiatives from previous years, with changes to competition days, dates and event scheduling based on the feedback provided by the AWA affiliated clubs and community and in consultation with the Competitions Advisory Group (CAG).


How is the program of events determined?
The 2018-19 Season Calendar includes national athletics competitions and considers other events that impact programming. It has been prepared with the intention to provide a variety of competition options to cater to the broad range of preferences of athletes, coaches and officials.

It is important to note it is not possible to offer every event at every competition, but consideration has been given to offer a broad range of events per program, in line with other States. The four programs (A, B, C and D) offer a range of events and times to cater for the needs of many. Majority of events are offered 9 competition opportunities throughout the season, with some exceptions due to volume of competitors.

Why are there Wednesday/Thursday competitions?
Competitions are only held on Wednesdays or Thursdays when there is a conflicting event scheduled for the following weekend that may affect venue availability, athlete numbers and/or officials’ availability.

When will the State Relay Championships be held?
The Athletics WA State Relay events will be held in conjunction with the Little Athletics WA State Relay Championships event. The draft calendar has the Open 4x100m and Open 4x400m, in addition to a medley relay, scheduled between 1.30-2.30pm on Saturday the 1st of December.

The U20 State Relay Championships will be held at an interclub competition during the season – to be confirmed.

Is there a Club v Club Competition this year?
This year, we are excited to revive the Douglas Memorial (DM) Shield club competition. First held in 1936, the DM Shield will run over four competitions throughout the 2018-19 Season, where clubs will earn points for selected events. Further information, including rules and entry requirements will be released shortly and communicated to clubs.

Why is there no 60m event?
AWA determined scheduling issues may arise from Program A due to a large number of events on offer. The 60m is not held at national level competition or recognised as an IAAF event and both AWA and the CAG agreed this event should be removed. Whilst events such as the 200m Hurdles, 2km Steeplechase, and short hurdles (80m/90m etc.) are also not IAAF events, these are age appropriate events held at National Junior Championships and provide a stepping stone for athletes to progress to open distances (e.g. 3km Steeple, 400mH, 100mH).

Why are there only 6 Race Walking events on the program?
Race Walking events have been scheduled to allow athletes to prepare for National events. For example:
• 10 November – 10km Walk - in preparation for 50km Race Walking Championships to be held on 2 December 2018
• 12 January 2019- 5 km walk - in preparation for 20km Race Walking Championships
Further Race Walking events will be added to the program upon request and advertised for all members to enter.

What if I am targeting a qualification or record? / Can I request an event?
As always, athletes can request special events through the Athletics WA office where there is a specific requirement or purpose not available through the regular program. Requests will be assessed on an individual basis by the Athletics WA office.