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24 Feb 2018

Level 2 Advanced Part B - Middle/Long Distance

Event date: 24/02/2018

Prior to the commencement of the Level 2 Advanced Part B course, it is required that coaches:

Have completed Level 2 Advanced Part A.
Are a financial AA Accredited Coach.

The Level 2 Advanced course consists of a two day (Part A & Part B) face to face component. There are also pre and post course assessment tasks.

Part A is completed on Day 1. It is for all event groups and must be taken prior to Part B. It only needs to be completed once before doing the event specific Part B. Part A covers the topics of The Essence of Coaching, Development & Maturation, General Conditioning, Skill Acquisition, Inclusive Coaching, Planning Training and Evaluation Process.

Part B is Event Group Specific covering the coaching and technical analysis of your chosen event group of Middle/Long Distance.

Part B will run 8.30am - 5.00pm.
Participants are to meet in the Boardroom at the WA Athletics Stadium. Located upstairs of Aisle2.

Participants minimum age requirement is 16 years.

Please note this is registration for PART B ONLY for the Middle/Long Distance Event Group. 

The cost of this day is $200. 

Categories: Event, Coaching