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2016/17 Track & Field Season presented by Go For 2&5

The Athletics WA staff are responsible for programming and the conduct of the Interclub Track & Field Competition in accordance with the IAAF and AA Rules, and such other rules as laid down by Athletics WA.

2016-17 Fixture Card

Track Program - Draft

Field Program - Draft

Only competing athletes and officials are permitted on the arena. Athletes and officials accessing event sites are to move around the outside of the track.
Athletes must be turning a minimum of 12 years in by 31st December 2016 to be a registered member of Athletics WA for the 2016/17 season.

Athletes must have registered with AWA (either through their club or directly) prior to their first competition.
This includes members of Little Athletics as LAWA membership does NOT include Athletics WA membership.
For further information contact the club or Athletics WA. 
All athletes once having signed up as a member can collect their competition number on the day of their first competition at the registration desk.
Athletics WA membership will not be accepted on competition days.

This year we will continue with our registration process which enables us to provide you with your race / competition information prior to the competition time.



The competition process is:

·         Enter online by midday the night before the competition day (unless otherwise specified) & pay your competition fee.

·         A provisional start list & final timetable will be published on the morning of the competition.

·         Marshall for your event and your details will already be with the event officials.

·         Late/on day entries will be only be accepted subject to availability at the registration room (no later than 45min before event start time) and will incur an additional late fee. Athletes entering track events will be put into the last heat.

·         Scratchings: An athlete who does not scratch 45 minutes prior to the event start time will not and should not compete in any more track events that day. Regardless, any results both field or track after the incorrect withdrawal from an event will be not sanctioned or recognised. This has been implemented to ensure and maintained the integrity of programming both for athletes and spectators. All scratchings / withdrawals must be recorded at the ‘Rego room’.

·         Seed/performance marks: When you enter online, you will need to enter a seed/performance mark. This must be your season’s best or guestimate of your current performance in the case of first competitions for the season. This will enable us to place athletes in the correct race/event for the competition.

·         As always, competitors must be members of Athletics WA in order to compete.


All athletes must wear their AWA registration numbers on the front AND back except for vertical jump events.

Athletes need to marshal to the start point of theirs 15 minutes before start time.

Athletes cannot train at the WA Athletics Stadium on Fridays from 12.00pm onwards unless they are competing that evening.


Events that are offered twice on the program are distinguished either by gender or division and athletes may only compete in one as indicated on the program. Divisions for the throws may change & athletes should check the website prior to competition

Competitors are all entitled to three trials and the top eight (time permitting) an extra three trials. In throwing events competitors are to use implements applicable to their age group. To alleviate any shortage of officials and to assist in complying to the schedule, competitors may be required to retrieve implements and/or assist the measurer.


The division indicated on the program is to be determined by the athletes starting height as indicated below.
MEN & WOMEN Div A: 1.55m+ Div B: 1.20m+
As a guide, athletes jumping around 1.70m or higher should be jumping in Div A and may be asked to do so by the High Jump referee.

Suggested bar increments between rounds is five centimetres when six or fewer competitors remain. The bar should not be raised by less than two centimetres after any round.


Initial bar increments to be 20cm, then 3 x 15cms then by 10cms, except in a case of


In both pole vault and high jump, when a competitor is within 5 cm of a Western Australian state record of a qualifying standard for Australian Championships or International competition, for which he/she has not already qualified, the competitor may request a rise of a smaller increment and the event then to continue to completion.

In pole vault and high jump, the competitor MUST enter at the height of the bar at the time of entry in to the event.


Athletes will be selected for heats based on their rankings. Divisions may be filled at the discretion of the Marshal.

Their lanes will be drawn after they have signed in 45 minutes prior the start of the race. Lane draws for a massed start are subject to the Marshal’s discretion.

No trials shall be permitted after the Starter, or Official in charge, has called the competitors to their mark.

In 800m events, all heats are to start in lanes with up to 2 persons per lane.

All athletes who compete in track events MUST report back to the Judges immediately after the conclusion of their event (i.e., after crossing the line).


An official will be at each field site 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to assist competitors in warm up as required.

All competitors shall report to the Marshal or Official in charge, 10 minutes before the declared start of the event.

In field events competitors may compete in any round they are present for. If they are engaged in another event, the officials should change the order of competitors within the round to help the maximum number of athletes. New competitors may not start after the fourth round has commenced.

A competitor who has been given leave to compete in another event (as above) must report, as soon as possible after completion of the event for which leave has been granted, to the Field Judge who gave leave, who will direct, the manner in which the competitor is to take further trials. As per IAAF Rule 142 Paragraph 3.


All competitors must wear the approved uniform of their club with their top tucked into their shorts and their current registration number securely attached by each corner to the back and front of the top. If an athlete is an independent AWA member (excluding WALA Athletes) they must wear the 'Independent Athletics WA' top, and dark shorts.

In Track events, the Marshal shall be responsible for the athlete to be correctly attired.

In Field events, the Official in charge of the event is responsible for the athlete to be correctly attired, and may prevent incorrectly attired athletes from competing.

No athlete will proceed on to the track or any field site unless correctly attired.

All athletes MUST have their footwear checked by a member of the Starting Panel or Field Referee.

Athletes must wear their 2016/2017 registration numbers in order to compete.

The athlete shall not deface or cut off any advertisement material printed on the issued registration number, the whole of which must be visible. It is the responsibility of the Officials in charge of the event to check that all athletes are wearing the current registration number. The athlete who gave him/her the numbers to wear and neither will be permitted to compete for the remainder of the day.


Click here to see the types of spikes recommended for the WA Athletics Stadium


Private implements must be stamped by the Athletics WA Technical Officer.

Implements must be handed in to be weighed no later than one hour before the event.

No other private implements may be taken on to the field.

No private blocks are to be used at the WA Athletics Stadium. Only AWA blocks will be used.

Starting blocks must be used for all races up to and including 400 metres (including 4 x 200m and 4 x 400m relays). (IAAF Rule 162.9). With special consideration given to the U14's and athletes with a disability that prevents them from using them.


Special Events will only be approved by the Competition Director in consultation week prior to the event and will be posted on the Athletics WA website at least 48 hours prior to the event.


Female athletes wishing to participate in mixed races with the men must firstly gain permission from the Strive Track and Field committee before being allowed to enter mixed races. Athletics WA will grant permission for mixed races at their discretion depending on the nature of the request. To request a mixed race please contact Competitions Manager Stephen Stingemore, , before close of business on the Wednesday prior to the Friday night competition. 

For further information please view the handbook which can be found in the 'About Us' section or by clicking here